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Video Editor (part-time)

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We love food, technology and data, and we’re changing the food & beverage industry for the better.

Tel Aviv

Video Editor (part-time)

We love food, technology and data - and we’re changing the food & beverage industry for the better!


Tastewise is a food intelligence solution that enables the world’s largest food and beverage brands to understand how consumers order, cook, and eat. We give the industry’s top brands the tools they need to develop the next best line of products and dishes, enabling industry professionals to identify target segments and competitors, understand emerging trends, and determine what should be served next. 


What are we looking for:


Tastewise is looking for a talented part-time video editor to help support our video marketing efforts. We are looking for someone fun and creative, who loves making order out of chaos, taking initiative and cultivating a collaborative and effective workplace. 


As our sole video editor, you will be in charge of taking lots of raw video content and turning it into finished products that help tell the story of Tastewise to a larger audience, and in turn generate more business. We’re looking for someone who is a self-starter and a good communicator; a creative thinker who can look at our unedited video library and execute a vision that supports the wider team’s work will be the best fit for this role. 


This position is a great opportunity to work within the marketing team of a fast-paced tech start up; you’ll improve on your existing time management skills, hone your storytelling skills around an exciting product, and work with a team of really lovely people! 



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