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The Beyond Meat Boom

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4 Observations on the Skyrocketing Beyond Meat Trend

Beyond Meat is everywhere: chances are, your local burger joint is already offering a vegan version of their most popular burger using the ingredient. But what is next for the meat alternative darling?

Read on for a quick look into four, AI-driven observations about the burgeoning trend. 

  1. Beyond Meat use is increasing rapidly; +222% more Beyond Meat dishes are featured on menus across the country this year compared to last.
  2. Breakfast is the most common meal for Beyond Meat; 18.5% of all conversations about the meat alternative have to do with breakfast.
  3. Consumers appreciate Beyond Meat’s fiber content; consumer interest in fiber among Beyond Meat eaters is up 97% YoY.
  4. Sausage is growing in popularity and is proving to be a great fit for breakfasts with meat-alternative options.

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