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Responding to the Rise in Home Cooking

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How CPGs, Recipe Developers, Restaurants (and More!) Can Support 28 Million Consumers

28 million parents are looking for recipes to cook with their kids, but current offerings fall short of their needs. New resources are needed; instances of parents cooking with kids is up 38% in the past few weeks alone, and that number continues to increase.
With the closure of schools and daycares across the country, caregivers are looking for ways to keep their kids happy, healthy, and fed. Only .08% of all recipes online claim to be tailored for kids.
What can manufacturers, supermarkets, and chefs do to support parents – and tap into a significant whitespace? Read on for a quick look at trending ways parents are feeding their kids in this new reality, and download the full report to understand what you can do to meet their needs.
  1. Meals that are both healthy and hit the right notes for kids craving comfort food are in demand amongst parents. Finding the sweet spot for ingredients that bolster health and comfort little ones during this stressful time is top of mind for their families. 
  2. Despite disrupted routines and day-to-days confined in the home, caregivers who are able to are generally taking the time to create healthy meals. Frozen meals aren’t cutting it for many, as parents worry about their families’ health. 
  3. Recipes for immunity-boosting snacks are rising fast in popularity. For parents looking for ways to keep kids both well-fed and entertained, creating snacks together that pack a healthy punch is a great option.


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