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Oat Milk … For Dinner?

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Oat milk is for so much more than just coffee.

It’s versatile, creamy … and showing up on dinner plates across the country. Here are four observations from Tastewise’s AI platform on where the oat milk trend has been – and where it is headed. 


  1. Oat milk isn’t just for vegans; consumers generally are excited about the ingredient, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Consumer interest increased +146% in the milk alternative over the last year, while restaurant use of oat milk increased 184%.
  2. The recently announced Oatly + Starbucks partnership makes a lot of sense; oat milk and coffee are the perfect pairing. Creamy, slightly sweet, and low fat, oat milk is making waves as the latest non-dairy milk trend in cafes and home refrigerators across the country. The ingredient’s qualities make it a great fit for indulgences as well: new ice cream and smoothie products crop up weekly, and brands and consumers alike understand that oat milk is a great start to the morning — or sweet treat enjoyed anytime.
  3. Oat milk makes a great canvas for delicious soups; soup recipes using the ingredient are generally increasing steadily in popularity. Dinner is also up in popularity as an occasion to use oat milk (+10% YoY).
  4. Savory, vegan dishes are the next frontier for oat milk. Pasta, spinach and garlic are all experiencing significant growth in home use when paired with the milk alternative. 


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