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Keeping pace in Mexico's food and beverage landscape

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Keeping pace in Mexico's food and beverage landscape

Keeping pace in Mexico's food and beverage landscape

Staying abreast of consumer preferences and market trends is crucial for success in the world of food and beverage, especially in a constantly evolving market. Conventional research and development methods are no longer effective in a fast-moving and competitive environment. Tastewise is changing how companies grasp and meet consumer needs, including in the rich landscape of food and beverage in Mexico

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Lauren Daniels

Lauren Daniels


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Key takeaways:

  • Specialized data: Tastewise equips businesses with vital data, aiding their grasp of markets like Mexico's lively food scene and enabling them to refine their product offerings.
  • Mexican trends: The Mexican food scene stands out with distinctive trends, placing emphasis on indulgent snacks and inventive flavors, setting it apart on a global scale.
  • Rising croissants: The popularity of Mexican croissants surged by +34% in social discussions over the last year, featuring imaginative blends such as pesto and cheddar or mango and gouda, and showcasing culinary creativity.

During our recent Tastewise Live, we uncovered the latest insights and trends shaping food and beverage consumption in Mexico.

In Mexico’s bustling product innovation market, differentiation is essential. Whether you're in consumer goods or offer unique ingredients, clarifying your product's qualities is vital. This is where specialized data, like targeted insights, proves valuable. It aids in understanding the specificity of regional markets (like Mexico!) and in honing your offerings.

Exploring Mexican culinary trends

A noteworthy trend in Mexico right now centers around snacks. In contrast to the US’ focus on health and homemade foods, Mexican consumers indulge in sugary treats while also seeking protein-rich options and experimenting with exciting flavors. Tastewise consumer data reveals a significant +22% increase in conversations about

gum over the past year. Observing how gum flavors are creatively incorporated into treats like popsicles, cupcakes, and ice cream points to consumers’ craving for innovative, surprising spins on known ingredients.

The webinar also highlighted the surge in popularity of croissants in the Mexican market, boasting a remarkable +34% increase in social discussions over the last year. This means approximately 17K people engaged in discussions about croissants, resulting in 31K social media posts and ~3K recipes -- significant trend numbers worth watching -- often focusing on the fusion of flavors and ingredients with the classic croissant (think imaginative combinations like mango and gouda). Equally remarkable are stuffed croissants, which saw a +38% rise in social conversations in the past year. Mixing mamey sapote, a sweet and creamy Mexican fruit, with hazelnut in a croissant is just one example of emerging consumer trends in the category.

Want more of these insights? Join our next Tastewise live webinar to uncover fresh inspirations for your approach to food and beverages. Sign up here.


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