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Interest in Hard Seltzer – Fizzling Out, or Here to Stay?

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3 Insights into the Hard Seltzer Trend

Hard seltzer was the drink of the summer in 2019, exploding in popularity across the United States. But what do emerging uses for hard seltzer tell us about the future of the bubbly beverage? Read on for a glimpse of hard seltzer’s sparkling past, and what to expect from the beverage trend moving forward.

  1. The lighter, alcoholic drink continues to grow significantly in popularity as we enter 2020. Consumer conversations that mention the drink are up +1,705% YoY, and menus mention the beverage +1,878% more than last year.
  2. Hard seltzer has established a niche for itself as a refreshing, glutenfree beer alternative. This remains true across varied seasons, not just the summer.
  3. However, established brands are decreasing in popularity among consumers in 2020. Restaurants, however, tell a different story, and use select brands in interesting applications. 


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