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Butterfly Pea – More Than Just a Pretty Face?

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3 Insights into the Butterfly Pea Trend


Interest in butterfly pea is blossoming — particularly in beverages. But what does the ingredient offer beyond adding color to innovative drinks? Read on for a quick look at three insights into the trend, plus an opportunity to learn more.  


  1. Overall, the colorful blue flower has seen a +69% increase in consumer interest over the past year; restaurants are also jumping on the trend, with +107% increase in menu items that include the ingredient. 
  2. Butterfly pea’s nutritional value is on consumers’ radar: people that include butterfly pea in their diet are paying increasing attention to the plant’s antioxidant and superfood properties. 
  3. The plant’s color-changing qualities are already piquing consumer interest in the beverage space; colorful cocktails, creamy blue coffees, and vibrant teas are finding their way into consumer homes and restaurant orders. But what about butterfly pea and food? Thai cuisine already uses the ingredient to add color and nutritional value to sticky rice. Consider exploring savory dishes as an opportunity for new uses of butterfly pea, across cuisines. 


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