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How a supermarket creates own label dishes using real-time consumer data

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How a supermarket creates own label dishes using real-time consumer data

How a supermarket creates own label dishes using real-time consumer data

With over 331 shops in England, Scotland, Wales, and the Channel Islands as well as a successful omnichannel business, Waitrose is committed to creating delicious own label dishes which boast quality ingredients at good value prices, to inspire and delight customers.

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Luda Greko

Luda Greko

Product Marketing, Tastewise

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The Challenge:

Waitrose innovation team needed to:

  • Create dishes and concepts to inspire the culinary teams working on the supermarket’s own-label products
  • Validate all new product ideas with actionable data while working under a tight schedule

The Solution:

Waitrose innovation team uses Tastewise to:

  • Explore social media discussions to understand what excites their customers
  • Use data on consumer needs to learn about dining occasions and seasonal food trends
  • Find the most popular home-cooked dishes and curate newsletters with the perfect home cooking concepts for their monthly reports
  • Validate ideas that lead to future best-selling products

The Impact:

Waitrose innovation team was able to:

  • Create successful products such as the classic creamy Basque cheesecake - a top-selling own label dessert
  • Save significant time on research by accessing insights quicker
  • Successfully create widely-read monthly and seasonal internal newsletters based on real food and beverage trends
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration with the chef teams and suppliers


The Bottom Line:

“If you’ve got an ingredient and you want to know how it’s being used, it’s so easy to access this insight with Tastewise.”

Lizzie Conlon, Innovation Manager at Waitrose


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